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Sudhan & Freeda
04 August 2014
In my busy life this had no room, But finally, I was forced to search a suitable groom.Everyone has to get married, is the custom we see Wana know � how it started all for me? Like every parent, it was my parents� dream too To see me married and start a life new After my Di�s marriage, the pressure increased Now the eyes were on me and could not be released Everyone made me the target, asking the same question.Worried! as if it was going to be �Groom Recession� Numerous tips & endless suggestions Creating just confusion with no progressions Parents were concerned, but others were interested Differences are wide though somewhat related But I remained in my own world, which I created And lots of thoughts in my mind awaited After thinking a lot, got ready for this amazing journey All set to go, coz SHAADI to hai karni Registered��updated profile and pic To keep it simple was the best tip.. Received 100�s of interests, but not so good Then there was one for which I stood Accepted the request, just to give a try But no reply for long and the month went dry Then I thought to give it a shot, A message for phone no. was dropped Ohh! What a quick response I got, We decided to talk, at an agreed time slot It was nice talking� turning into frequent chatting And then finally a meeting..& Fix marriage ,& 7th July We are married , I am very happy Thanks to ,,Regard Sudhan and Freeda .