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Philip & Lena
19 May 2016
Dear Shaadi, There's a song that says that "it started with a kiss". But for us it started with a photograph. I must have gone through hundreds of profiles in your good website. But one photograph did something to me. There she stood, the little lady, in front a lighthouse. Half smiling, her bag across her shoulders, her face spoke to my heart. I can't really summon words to express the thought. It's soul thing, you know. After many, many, emails, lapses, phone calls, debates, etc etc, I decided to fly from Paris to meet her in Bangalore. That meeting sealed it for us. She was exactly what she was as she portrayed herself to be and she found the same in me. Our honesty and sincerity in everything made love the fruit of God's gift to us. We were married 7 months later. Thank you Shaadi!