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Piali & Biplab
22 April 2016
They say "Marriages are made in Heaven and celebrated on Earth. The unity of two souls are written from birth.."..But now a days finding your soulmate is not an easy task. acted as a blessing while finding my soulmate. Me and Biplab both are really very thankful to for helping us. Our love story started when Biplab sent me an interest in Shaadi on 14th Dec 2014. After a day or two i accepted interest and we exchanged phone numbers. Gradually we started chatting and finally we met. Just in my first meeting i started liking him. I always wished my husband to be my friend, with a good sense of humour and a responsible person. Biplab seemed to be the exact person whom i was looking for and in strange way i started feeling he is the ONE...but it was not same from his end. But time passed we continued chatting calling each other and then after couple of months one fine morning he called me and said HE loves me...but i didnt believe him and thought he was kidding and told him to give ten reasons why he think he is in love...(it was too kiddish i know that.. lolzzzzzz)..I confessed that i love him too ...and so finally on December 15 ,2015 by God grace and with support of our family we got married.... We are grateful to for bringing us together. U guys did a wonderful job.