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Vikas & Sukhdeep
14 March 2016
I was traveling to India in November 2015. During my travel,I have expressed my interest in Sukhdeep profile on Sukhdeep accepted my interest on 11/29/2015. I called and spoke to Sukhdeep on phone for over an hour.Soon after that,we decided to do a video chat on Skype the same day. After meeting virtually,we decided to meet in person as we both liked each other a lot. I flew from Mumbai to Chandigarh and met with her in person on Dec1st,2015. After meeting in person,we both felt a instant connection. When I first saw her,I found her gorgeous and we both liked each other a lot. We decided to stay in touch and get to know little better. I came back to USA on 12/04/2015. We kept in touch with each other via phone, Skype and Whatsapp We were talking every single day,sometimes twice a day we spent lot of time talking and getting to know each other. There was not even a single day that went by without talking to each other. After talking for over a month and a half,we found out that we both share similar experiences,similar values and we both want the same things in life-have kids and our own family. Both of us felt a strong urge to take this further as we both wanted to be with each other for rest of our lives. After talking and planning on phone, I went back to India on Jan 31st, 2016 and got engaged on Feb 6th,2016 in both of our families presence. I want to thank as because of, I was able to meet with my dream girl - Thank you!