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Sulabh & Shilpa
16 June 2018
LUCK by CHANCE First of all, we both Shilpa Patel Sulabh Uttam, want to deeply thank the team for getting us matched making our lives beautiful together. Now moving on to the story part of how we met Well, after enrolling onto portal, I came across several profiles, few seemed fine & few better. One fine day, my Mom decided to go through the portal all by herself on a Tab(she aint that tech savvy) and started swiping all the profiles that came across to right (i.e invite), & later I started receiving confirmation msgs on my cellphone. Well I knew that the damage has been done, and called her to stop swiping the profiles as all are getting the invitation request. After 2 days of all what happened, I received a msg on the portal from Shilpa hello, I dont know what & why but I also replied Hi. Thats all that we talked that day. And I thought she might have msgd accidently, as she hadnt accepted the invitation yet. The next day I got another msg, saying that please give your number, my Dad wants to talk to you. Me acting like a hypnotized person gave my number to her, and yes I received a call from her Dad. Things started developing, but I had no clue that what Im doing, as I had a job offer from an UAE based company and was supposed to shit to Abu Dhabi in 2 months. Definitely, cant get married in a month & then take her along, as I was just starting my career there. Anyways, we started talking & discussing that what to do in this case scenario. She clearly told that her family wont wait for long, and if you wanna marry, dont leave the country and continue your job here. Now, it was my turn to decide what to do, as my family was like, you decide we are OK with your decision. I took that leap, and decided to go to UAE, with a promise to Shilpa that I will come back and marry you within 6 months and take you with me. By this time, we had not even met once but yes had sealed our fates with each other mutually. She agreed to wait and she flew all the way to Delhi from Mumbai to say goodbye to me 2 days prior to my departure. When I saw her, it was confirmed that yes, she is the one. Thought Im sure that she wasnt sure about me, as I went to receive her in my shorts & T-shirt. Anyways, we kept in touch through Skype & calls, and kept pushing our parents to talk to each other to get the confidence within the families. They were from Itarasi, MP & my hometown is in Kanpur, UP, so there was a cultural gap, which was to be filled. Time passed and she started losing her patience and we started arguing on small things, as I was prioritizing my Job and she had marriage on priority. After 6 months, she gave me an ultimatum, ghar ajao, nahi to Im gonna come there & kick you hard. I realized, this is not going to workout this way, and started to think what to do as didnt wanted to lose her either. The cards rolled again, and the UAE market slumped due to terror attacks on Oil rigs. The company started dipping. I told this to Shilpa, that Im sad as maybe I will have to quit job here, and she was so damn happy that moment that she screamed to her roommate that Im coming back (I still believe, that UAE economy slump was coz of her prayers to get me back to India). Then after a year long wait we finally met formally at her place along with our families, all went well and I was hooked for life with the charming Love of my Life. We got engaged in 13th January & later married on 28th Feb 2107. And just to mention that she was the most beautiful bride ever Ive seen.