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Amardeep & Geeta
10 October 2018
I sent Geeta a request to connect on the 17th September 2017. She accepted it 10 days later. Geeta and I started a short conversational chat on the site then quite quickly exchanged Whatsapp numbers to chat more directly over the phone. This was followed by having a glance of a few recent pictures. For me, Geeta at this point was still definitely someone who I wanted to pursue, I felt there was a possible connection and had that tingly feeling running through my body. When I called Geeta for the first time she was quite softly spoken, laughing lots probably due to my Scottish accent. She said I was a funny guy, I made her laugh and that she was comfortable opening up to me about her life, family life, etc and vice versa. Geeta and I felt as if we had known each other for years and were already good friends. When that feeling between us was already there it gave us a sense of belonging instantly and it was very natural also. Even with the miles of distance between us, me in Scotland and Geeta in India, the first impressions was a hit. Our chats progressed at an advance speed and within days Geeta and I were making phone calls and even video calls for a minimum of 4-5 hours per day. This was also a challenge at times though as we were both working around 3 different time zones, one of which was a 8 hours difference that was not easy. But we both contributed our own free time which showed our commitment and interest to one another. Not long after having only met Geeta online, chatting to her on Whatsapp and making countless phone calls back and forth Geeta announced that she had started to fall in love with me. At first I was taken back as it was unexpected to hear but she said exactly what was in my heart as well, she only got there first to say it. The moment was so real and I never said it back until a few days later as I wanted to be thoroughly sure that this was a relationship I wanted to enter and if I did I would see it through till the very end. Once Geeta and I had both declared that we do feel love, comfort and reassurance from each other and that we 100% do want to meet I made the arrangements of going to India to see her. It was exactly 6 months from first meeting Geeta online in September 2017 that I came to India in March 2018. 3 months later in June 2018 I told Geeta I wanted to marry her, she was stunned and over the moon. We both wanted this as much as each other and quite quickly got a date fixed in September 2018. We are both now officially husband and wife and the feeling is out of this world. I love my wife with all my heart and we both have a solid foundation, we are very happy together. Thank you to the platform, we found our match in each other. If we can, they you can also. Good Luck in your search.