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Harleen & Amandeep
31 October 2018
My Mother contacted Harleens mother on through a phone call. They both had a nice conversation with each other. After that Harleens mother consulted with her family about him and his family. Amandeep on the other hand was in New Zealand at that Time. After hearing from her mother about Amandeep and his profile she checked me on Facebook and texted me. From then we started conversing with each other and found that we both can be compatible for each other but we wanted to take some more time to be very sure for marriage. After a months time when we were finally sure that yes we want to make future with each another we told our parents about our decision . On 29th, May, 2018 - My parents visited Harleens house and found her to be a perfect match for me. Visa- Versa situation was also there at hers side also. Meanwhile I also had a word with her mom and dad ayo make them sure about me. On 10th June , 2018- small Roka ceremony was held at my residence while I was on Skype that time. For her fathers satisfaction and concern for her I visited India on 11th August, 2018 and spent some time with her family in order to jell with them and with Harleen too . After her father got convinced with me we all decided our weddings date. I am very happy to get a life partner like Harleen in my life. She is truly a blessing for me and my family. Thanks to for this wonderful platform which helped me to find my soulmate.