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Viiveck & Ekta
10 April 2019
This is the story of an inspiring couple that decided to react differently to life and take a chance with each other. A serendipitous connection on, led to a meeting of soul mates. Through Viiveck and Ekta connected, met and then took things forward with their families. Everyone one who knew these two were very happy for them and blessed them by being involved in their joyous moment of marriage. Faced with a dilemma with the passing away of his first wife, Viiveck soon realized that raising two girls on his own was going to be an immense challenge. With no support in this difficult situation, he realized that the girls needed have a mother in their life. He set out on the difficult journey to find someone who could love and care for his children like he did. Ekta, was single, footloose and fancy free. She had been on the lookout for a life partner who shared the same values that she did but somehow nothing seemed to work, till she met Viiveck. Initially, Ekta was discouraged by friends to be with a man that had children, but she decided to trust her instinct and went ahead with the wedding. Though the journey was tough, the tough got going. While introducing her to his life Viiveck mentioned having two adopted daughters. This made Ekta feel that a guy, who despite going through his own struggles had enough love to give and share. Thereby begun a tale of love and an attempt at second chances and beautiful family of four was born.