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Sumit & Rupsa
25 December 2020
I sent a request to Sumit on, which he accepted. We exchanged numbers and little did we know what we were missing out on. The best phase of our lives was all set to begin. It was a natural connection from day one. Everything seemed to fall in place. We were so much alike in so many things be it our food habits, basic hygiene or social life that we instantly hit off. With both of us being in different countries, time difference wasn't really a concern in our case, long conversations throughout the day kept on happening and we fell in love. Both of our families were aware of our relationship since day one. We wanted to tie the knot in April 2020 itself but the pandemic kept pushing our dates but there you go, 20th November 2020- Married and sealed for life. We also had a Bengali wedding in Kolkata as I am a Bengali. Twice married to the love of our lives❤️.We couldn't thank enough for this.