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Heena & Anuj
23 August 2013
Marriage- It is one the most important & confusing decisions of my life. As ordinary mumbai gurl i always dreamt of marrying someone who is like me, someone very much from my background. After a lot of persuasion from my mother I logged in to The first few months were terrible, a lot of random people trying to talk to me sending me interest request, wanting to see my photos. on March 1st 2012 it was just like any other day, i got a interest request from Anuj Anandwala. I thought he would also be from the land of duhhs, but for my surprise the initial conversation went smooth. he lived very near to my old house, knew a lot of places where i use to hang out. after an hour chatting on the shaadi messenger. we exchanged numbers on the very first day of our interaction. we hit it off quiet well, i may say quiet good :). spoke for almost the entire night and the following day. He is quiet like me, from all the other habbits in thought would be considered weird by an outsider was quiet familiar to him. I was quiet quick in expressing my feeling and in return he said " the feeling is mutual Miss ;) ". we dated for 3 months , which means hanging out together, knowing each other, movies, restaurants n meeting each others family.Finally got a call from him one afternoon to ask whether my mother is free on the weekend to see his family and take our relationship further. He scared the shit out of me. our familes are quiet modern people, all got really happy and we got engaged the following month :) 6 months later got married to Ani on 15th Feb 2013 :) bliss since then :) but hey we still fight like two year olds as I think we both are weirdos :P