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Komal & Ritesh
31 January 2018
With the jingle bells of santa our 1st conversation started.. Our numbers were exchanged through our parents... I was very anxious as what to talk.. how to start with the convo as it was just 2 weeks when i got this Shaadi profile done and same was Ritesh's feeling as well... Still he made gr8 efforts to start with the conversation.. Actually We both were a little reluctant, didn't knew where to start from. So he just started with a few pet questions like hobbies, work, and expectations from partner. 1st day we talked for approx an hour... Until next weekend, we both tried to open up. I can say we both were taking baby steps and made a deal that each day we will prepare the questions n will throw that on each other when will be calling in evening so that we can start of with understanding for each other and develop friendship because we both believed this is something which shall remain alive in a relationship even after marriage. I remember it was very first weekend when we started talking and my parent's went to Ritesh's hometown to meet his parents, we chit chat for almost whole nyt without having fear of monday office. it was lyk we just wanted to talk more and more. Amazing that nyt was.. we shared many incidents of our life and tried to understand each other... That long conversation gave us many moments i guess which connected us somehow... I just got over all my inhibitions. He cracked several jokes pointlessly just for the sake of laugh we were having... narrated a few shayaries as well and most importantly he sung a song also of my choice which was something very special i guess though he doubted himself stating what i am singing man.. What is this??? (his fav expression after a sentence).. I felt I could trust him. . Well, things progressed. We both started liking each other. Suddenly one day he told that he has on site travel had to leave for Germany for almost 4 months.. It was tough with mixed feelings as our parents wanted us to meet at earliest n we wanted tym still somewhere i guess we both also wanted to meet before his depart.. . So, he decided to come down to my city to meet me before his travel . We met during day time and with each others family in the evening. Everything went smooth. Day went pretty well with few important discussions as we had to take decision that day. I think I was very clear once he answered my questions... The way he made me felt comfortable that tym assuring to be equally taking care of my parents had taken me to his side., he said yes in front of his parents there itself!! And then they went back after a dinner to watch movie.... Movie was about to start and i pinged him asking how did it went. Ritesh directly told that they all liked me and then i could not stop myself saying "YES" to him... And the most important and unexpected thing happened with me.. He proposed me for marriage ... Omg i was on cloud 9 as i never expected things will be happening with me so early and in such a filmy style which was my fantasy as well And then we started a new chapter of our life.. Yes, started off as an arranged marriage but we will make it a love marriage. getting happily married this year